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Part 1 - The following story is about my thoughts about what my first girl experience girl and then maybe a third party. you My story begins when we finally find someone who will help me to break my daughter 's virginity to the girl and wonderful 18onlygirls friend to my mind a threesome! Meet Anna, a pretty 18onlygirls blonde with green eyes and great big breasts ! Once you are familiar with her on the Internet, come to our house, we decided to help us, we opened a bottle of wine and began to follow me across the stage and swing their first experiences with the girls girls through a very hot threesome. He sounded perfectly suited for the job, take a little wine, and I 18onlygirls began to feel my clitoris become hard to 18onlygirls listen eagerly to the stories. As they move forward and suddenly began to kiss my mouth, which was much softer than a man kissing his lips were soft and I find their language was totally unexpected. She started kissing me fully and more difficult to achieveed out to touch her ​​breasts and pressed them into my hands. I started to make the buttons of her blouse undone fullness in the chest, I felt my pussy start, damp, opened her bra and moved to suck your nipples.... hmmmmmm... the taste of my first nipple was astonishing, were difficult in my mouth still so soft breast against my face. I saw that my friend began, much as he took off his clothes and sat in the chair across from us. ( It was agreed that he had no right to join 18onlygirls us until 1) they were both naked, and 2) he had cum for the first time ), I know! Anna removed his jersey and showing my naked breasts... are much smaller than her, but I have very large hard nipples.... Oh, what a shame you can not do in my own mouth, but she moves down to take her, and aspired to make it even more my nipples and my pussy so wet I can feel my legs that drip ! I put my hands, her short skirt and move pAnties aside so I can feel her pussy, her clit is hard, like a little button and I push my fingers into her pussy and pulls them in and out rubbing her clit with my thumb to hear his deep breathing, 18onlygirls then moves hands to my pussy and gasped when she believes her completely shaved smooth and well. Forces his fingers into my wet and 18onlygirls starts to fuck me fast with his fingers, and we face each hard kiss on the lips. I stop and push your hand, so that eliminates the last of the clothes now completely naked, I will put him on the couch and pull their legs in the jump from my first real taste of the vagina. Her 18onlygirls sweet juices and delicious to lick greedily and started fucking with my tongue. That runs in my mouth and then we'll change when I was watching blonde head disappear between his legs and behind her I see my friend jerking huge cock rubbing with all its benefits -cum shine the light. this sight enthusiasm too and I come across Anna's face. We then my friend now and we have the cock in the hand and lead in turn to lick and suck.... oh I love the 18onlygirls taste of his pre -cum and stay with my tongue first, and then share with Anna. Anna begins to take his huge cock sucking deep throat, squeezed his balls. I stand with him on the lips kiss my tits so close to his face, grabs it and suck hard, I feel Anna 's hand between her legs once again delve into my pussy... My God, look down and think I can not believe this is happening... My friend is in a chair sucking my tits, while this beautiful girl sucking cock and fucking me with his hand... is simply too much for me and I come again. I kneel beside her and they take turns sucking his cock and balls, then put the 18onlygirls cock between her big tits and starts masturbating hard and each time his penis between them seems to lick met, and then when you can no longer assume that we run all over her tits, the moans of pure pleasure as his inflated run hot and fast ! I'm starting to lick and wet sticky cum step in my mouth on her, my hand slipped between her legs and fuck until she cums too! The two fell on the couch, feeling hot and pulled me in to see your pretty face and tell which was the most exciting experience I've had, and we start kissing a bit more before we move, proposed to the room ... hmmm how could I say no... We got up and she and my friend's hand, which will start moving down the hall and he learns to pay attention to our bare ass down the stairs ready for the next level!
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